Download : Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Joystick Cap CQC Elite Thumbstick Cover for Xbox One Controller ( White )

The CQC ELITE thumb grips provide gamers more accurate control by increasing 5.5mm in analog sticks height and 37% in active radius, which means gamers have extra 37% room for refined control or aiming your traget, and much less chance to have over steering. The extra 5.5mm height is based on the study of hundreds adult hands samples. This high is well balanced between the control and comfort. CQC ELITE is suitable to all kinds of gamers. Most gamers prefer CQC ELITE on the left stick and FPS MASTER on the right stick to increase the accuracy of action control and aiming. These products will enhance your gaming experience, you will be surprised how amazing these thumb grips are.

Compatible Hardware: for XBOX ONE
Color: Black, White, Green
Material: Silicon
Dimension: Φ18.5*10.5mm
Net Weight: 1.6g

Package Included:
1 x pair Joystick Cap

Patented Design
- Easy Control, Extra Grip, Location Sense
- Ultra Fit, Protection, Perfect Curve
- +5.5mm(69%)Height, +3mm(37%)Radius
- CQC Elite Thumb Grip

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