Download : Gay Romance: How to Love Your Dragon (MM Gay Mpreg Romance)(Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance)

It started out as a decision made on a whim…


I’ve just gotten out of a 7-year relationship and was left with nothing.

The circus always cheered me up as a kid, so I decided to grab a ticket and relive a fun part of my childhood.

This really cool dragon feature caught my attention and I felt a strange connection to the beast that I didn’t understand right away.

Then, what luck! I got offered a job as circus crew member! Hell, if nothing else, it would be a great distraction from my loneliness and misery.

I never thought I’d meet the man of my dreams in the process!


My mother abandoned me when I was a child. I don’t blame her, hell, who’d want to raise a monster?

I’ve been in the circus ever since I was very young, hiding my true dragon shifter identity from those in the outside world.

But when I met David, I knew we had an instant connection.

We ignited a fire in one another that was hotter than the flames I blow from my own breath.

I’ve never known passion like this before and I know he feels it, too!

But a dragon shifter and a human? How will that ever work?

Authors note: How to Love Your Dragon is a sweet, steamy Mpreg romance that take place at a circus. Bonus M/M paranormal romance bundle is included in this edition. Download your copy right now!


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